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Corporate Blogs - Get Started Now!

Corporate blogging is gaining in popularity as a great way to promote your company. [If you are reading this blog - then you are part of my outreach program. Thank for being part of this conversation.]

By publishing a corporate blog, you can actively create content that supports your company’s goals and objectives, provide a forum that encourages customer feedback, and present new ideas about your organization’s most up-to-date products and technologies before they hit your company Web site.

The best blogs must come from the CEO (or other C-level executive), with both the knowledge and authority over your company’s products and technologies, and a level of credibility that your company’s marketing executives will lack. By using this credibility to blog, you have the power to reach a segment of the market that is constantly seeking up-to-date information.

So what do you need to know if you want to start a corporate blog? Here are a few tips for getting started:

1. A corporate blog is not the same as a personal blog. Save your random musings on your children’s required reading list or your favorite pictures of your new grandchildren for another venue.

2. A corporate blog, while seemingly informal and conversational in tone, is still a part of your company’s corporate communications. Don’t write anything in your corporate blog that would get you fired if written in an e-mail, press release or on your company’s Web site.

3. Never lie outright in your corporate blog. Likewise, plagiarism, deception, omission of facts, and fraudulent posts will only turn off both your readers and other (often ruthless) bloggers.

4. Provide a space for readers to offer their comments and feedback. Remember that reading and responding to the feedback left on your corporate blog is good customer service and reflects positively on your company.

5. Acknowledge the greater world – including other companies, the blogosphere and technology analysts – when writing your corporate blog. A corporate blog is not a one-sided forum where you can spout off glowing accolades about your company in total isolation [that’s what press releases are for!]. Instead, to gain credibility, you need to link to other companies [even if they are your competitors], take your lumps when mistakes are made, and reach out to your readers.

By sticking to these basic corporate blogging tips, you can start writing and see what a positive impact a corporate blog can have on your organization.