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Lead Nurturing: Get in touch with your feminine side

I'm not kidding!

Marketing - Maternal - Mother
Sales - Paternal - Father

By definition, "nurturing" [Webster's New Collegiate] should foster maternal instincts (to nourish, educate - or even suckle your newborn). Think of your new sales leads as young birds that are new to your nest. Provide them with 'food for thought' and new ways to experience your business proposition at a time when their appetite is whet with interest.

Remember that your sales team is comprised of hunter-gatherers who require an immediate action.

Lead Nurturing is a pre-sales process that requires you to consider strategies that will develop your firm's relationship with new opportunities and requires you to prepare those new opportunities (leads) for the sales team.

Nurturing strategies should be designed to meet the following marketing objectives:

[1] Build awareness
[2] Collect information
[3] Qualify for purchase
[4] Demonstrate your expertise
[5] Build trust

Don't throw the young bird out of your nest pre-maturely. Prepare your sales leads properly and your sales team will love you for it.


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