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Use All Kinds of Content to Make Your Business Case

Use all the senses to tell your story and make your business case. IT buyers want to use their senses and experience your products with demos and free trials, see what you have to offer via webcasts, listen to your ideas over podcasts, and understand your technology by reading technical white papers and conversational blogs. So get out there and engage your customers with a sensory experience of online content!

So what kinds of content do buyers want?

According to MarketingSherpa’s Best and Worst Lead Generation Offers for 2006, IT buyers found the following content types to be “very effective” in influencing their purchasing decisions:

Free Trials/Demos: 54%
Webcasts/Webinars: 41%
White Papers: 35%
Blogs: 35%
Podcasts: 22%

IT buyers are early adopters and they consume information in all forms. So, consider using content such as e-seminars, podcasts, videos, and blogs to bring your technology to life.

The role of strategic content to support enterprise technology sales is to educate buyers, provide solutions to their problems, and present your company as a “trusted partner” in the research process. So, get creative and touch all your prospects senses during the buying process.


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