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Branded Landing Zones are White Hot!

Just came back from three weeks of client meetings throughout the U.S. [I'm counting three days at Pebble Beach which was a total boondoggle with a dozen special clients], and the Branded Landing Zones with Lead Nurturing is among the hottest programs in the online Demand Creation market. Here's why.

We are building on our Ziff Davis success by developing thematic microsites and powering them with our Web Buyer's Guide registration system that allows us to gate key content elements and direct navigation that encourages multiple content engagements - throughout the IT buying process. [We use link maps and 1-to-1 event-triggered e-mail efforts to encourage prospects to move from content engagements to the next logical step in the buying process]. The net result is a more engaged set of buyers who are being accelerated through the buying process. For our sponsors, they get all the critical data [firmagraphics, demographics and behavioral] to help them score the sales leads and prepare them for further nurturing or direct follow up by their sales teams.

Left to right: Me; Bob from Xerox; John from Adaptec; and Dan from DLink after a hard day of meetings [solving all the industry's marketing challenges] at the Spanish Bay course. I'm not including their last names since their colleagues may not be aware of how much fun we were having [but you know who you are!].


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