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February 25, 2007

What is a Lead Nurturing Cycle?

Lead nurturing can be a fairly simply process of diligent contact and follow up. Here is an example of what might happen in the first 30 days in a lead nurturing cycle...

Day 1: Prospect downloads white paper through the Web Buyer's Guide.
Day 1: Prospect receives a triggered e-mail with links to other resources offered by the seller.
Day 1: Prospect takes additional steps by downloading case studies and product literature.
Day 1: Prospect goes to company website and learns more about their potential supplier.
Day 3: Prospect receives an e-mail from company with key benefits.
Day 5: Prospect receives a phone call from telequalifier to determine purchase timeframe.
Day 8: Prospect is contacted by sales team.
Day 21: Prospect receives an e-mail about an e-seminar.
Day 24: Prospect receives an e-mail newsletter from the company.
Day 30: Prospect receives a phone call from the company to determine purchase timeframe and requalify.

After 30 days, the nurturing process continues at monthly intervals as the prospect is contacted by e-mail and phone to assess timeframe, budget, requirements and to determine other stakeholders at the prospect's company who might influence the purchase.


February 15, 2007

Return on Integration Summit - May 16-18

If you are able to attend only one conference this year that will help you improve the ROI of your sales and marketing efforts, consider the “Return on Integration" Summit hosted by Sirius Decisions in Las Vegas, May 16-18.

SiriusDecisions is a research and advisory services firm that provides operational intelligence in the form of thought leadership, benchmark data, analytic tools, best practices and access to a peer network to senior-level sales and marketing leaders to accelerate revenue in a more predictable manner.

* Marketing Budget: How does your spending compare to your peers?
* Marketing Performance: What is the ROI you have seen from marketing programs and how do you measure it?
* Sales and Marketing Integration: How can marketing programs directly impact sales performance?
* Sales Productivity: What’s the best approach you can take to increase productivity year over year?
* Solutions Selling: How can you move a product transactional organization to a more solutions consultative culture?
* Sales Models: What new and innovative coverage models can you execute to enable new market penetration?

Sirius Decisions is dedicated to making sales and marketing work closely together and to use new technologies, planning processes and modeling tools to impact their ability to grow top line revenue in a more sustainable way.

For more information see the Summit Web site at: http://www.siriusdecisions.com/summit.html.

I'll be there. I hope to see you.


February 01, 2007

Lead Nurturing: A Definition

Kathy Rizzo at TeleNet Marketing Solutions recently defined lead nurturing as follows: "In a complex sales cycle, Nurturing is a relationship building approach utilizing multiple media to provide relevant information to prospects and to engage in an ongoing dialog until qualified prospects are 'sales ready'."