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What is a Lead Nurturing Cycle?

Lead nurturing can be a fairly simply process of diligent contact and follow up. Here is an example of what might happen in the first 30 days in a lead nurturing cycle...

Day 1: Prospect downloads white paper through the Web Buyer's Guide.
Day 1: Prospect receives a triggered e-mail with links to other resources offered by the seller.
Day 1: Prospect takes additional steps by downloading case studies and product literature.
Day 1: Prospect goes to company website and learns more about their potential supplier.
Day 3: Prospect receives an e-mail from company with key benefits.
Day 5: Prospect receives a phone call from telequalifier to determine purchase timeframe.
Day 8: Prospect is contacted by sales team.
Day 21: Prospect receives an e-mail about an e-seminar.
Day 24: Prospect receives an e-mail newsletter from the company.
Day 30: Prospect receives a phone call from the company to determine purchase timeframe and requalify.

After 30 days, the nurturing process continues at monthly intervals as the prospect is contacted by e-mail and phone to assess timeframe, budget, requirements and to determine other stakeholders at the prospect's company who might influence the purchase.


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