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Nurture fast...or your competitors will

Brian Carroll says that 95% of all leads are green bananas. Too many of my clients are digging for the 5% and abandoning the treasure in the remaining 95%. Brian's analogy is particularly powerful as I prepare for a two-week holiday in Costa Rica. But, for those not heading to a banana republic...

Start the nurturing process immediately after you've generated a lead from an online engagement.

The first 7-10 days are critical. Remember, prospects whose purchase decisions are imminent will conduct multi-vendor searches. In other words, they are just as likely to enter your competitor's sales funnel at the same time they enter yours.

Move quickly to develop that relationship...

Consider multiple e-mail messages within the first week, followed by less frequent touches that help to re-invigorate the prospect's interest in their business problem, your solution and your company. The use of early email dialogues will actually improve your telequalification stage. And, introducing the telequalification step is critical. A telequalifying company like Telenet, is committed to nurturing leads through telequalifying and to "eliminating the 'black hole' between marketing and sales." The objective is to preserve the sales resources for selling accounts only when the sale is sufficiently imminent.

Create a long-term strategy to nurture all your leads.


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