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Lead Nurturing – The Method Matters

Not all lead nurturing techniques are welcome by your prospects, and others [which might be welcomed at some point] are mis-timed.

A recent Web Buyer's Guide member study demonstrated how technology buyers generally value each of the follow-up methods of communication after downloading the vendor's content. Technology buyers found the following methods extremely or very valuable:

The take-away? While in-person and telephone discussions may seem alluring and powerful, they may not be particularly welcome by your prospects and may in fact hinder a sale if used alone. Instead, consider using a multi-touch approach that utilizes a variety of lead nurturing tactics, including the onsite and e-mail techniques that are most highly valued by technology buyers. By doing so, you’ll be adding value, context and meaning to your communications – and they will better set up that important telephone follow-up for appointment-setting purposes.



Another takeaway, Barry, is that technology companies should get smart about which approach they use in which situations. A prospect surveying the range of options is going to find personal interaction far less valuable than a prospect who "gets" the marketing literature and wants to explore the product/service much deeper.

So I agree - provide a range of options. And then be sure those options fit various buying stages and types of buyers.

Definitely agree. Not only is it necessary to use several touch points, online touch points can be more useful than the phone. Online touch points can be tracked at every step and sometimes give more information about the prospect than a phone call (think searches on a web site-nothing better to show visitor intent).

Hi Barry,
I really appreciate your views, however I have noticed different trends:

1. Even when sending customized email, highlighting the target company issues, rarely do people respond; and

2. I have used Google Analytics to check website performance as to how much time people spend on websites and other stuff. I tried to use websites as a marketing tool, and while they're good to use, the problem is in getting the right target to your website.

Cold calling however has given more results then email and website marketing and that makes me wonder if that is a better way to market. Thanks anyways for the insight.


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