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Landing Pages & Landing Zones Work Together

Landing Pages are essential tools for bringing people into your Web site and providing them with the best experience possible to convert them from browsers to buyers. Landing Zones are great vehicles that can be set up on a partner's site for educating users on your products or services, nurturing users throughout their entire buying processes, and providing users the information they need when they're ready to buy. These are two tools that work extremely well together.

Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog and Jon Miller of Marketo sum up how best to build a successful Landing Page in Ten Tips for Lead Generation Landing Pages. In addition to the 10 excellent tips in the paper, I recommend providing users with a variety of content and content delivery methods to nurture leads throughout their entire buying processes. The best way to get site visitors to return to your site is to offer content that matches their research needs.

By building a Landing Zone on a partner site that includes white papers, research reports, case studies, product literature, and seminars as PDF files, podcasts, webcasts, demos, and videos, you can appeal to first time visitors gathering basic information, to techno-geeks looking for detailed product specifications, to C-level executives on the verge of a decision, and to everyone in between. Plus, you get the added credibility of the partner's brand being associated with your company.


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