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When Campaigns Struggle...

When running a lead generation program, one of the biggest challenges we face on a regular basis are campaigns that struggle to deliver their full orders. This happens for a variety of reasons - most of which are preventable. If you are a vendor and are looking for ways to improve struggling campaigns, here are a few points to consider:

1. Do you have enough content for your lead generation partners to effectively market over the life of your campaign? If a campaign is meant to run for 3-4 weeks, one asset MAY be enough. In general, I would recommend always providing more content than you think a campaign needs - that way, under-performing assets can be swapped out with fresh content mid-campaign.

2. Are your filters too strict? While it's understandable that filters for company size and location are often necessary to bring in the right leads, certain filters may not be as useful as you want. Taking a flexible approach to filters such as job titles, industries and decision-making authority may help you generate more leads. Sometimes it's more useful to have a seemingly unqualified lead in-hand that works to establish a beachhead into the company that you're trying to reach, than to never have that lead in your pipeline.

Keep these tips in mind when planning campaigns - remember, the leads are out there, they just need to be engaged with fresh content, and not filtered out before they reach your sales team!


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