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Add a "Refer a Colleague" Link to Generate More Leads

If you can make one change to your eNewsletters and e-mail marketing materials this year, add a button that allows your users to "Refer a Colleague." According to MarketingSherpa's Business Technology Marketing Guide 2007-08, tech buyers are most likely to find out about white papers (and other marketing collateral) from colleagues or through e-mail invitations.

Your eNewsletter subscribers can't all be Decision Makers or C-Level executives with purchasing power (and if they are, congratulations). Rather, your subscribers are made up of professionals who occupy varying roles in the IT buying process. By adding a "refer a colleague" button to your marketing materials, you open up your chances of getting the Evaluators, Recommendors, and Gatekeepers who read your materials to deliver the message for you to Decision Makers and Purchasers.

While it's always possible that your subscribers will pass your marketing materials along without needing a "refer a colleague" button, why take that chance? By making it easy for your users to send their colleagues your materials, you do your best to ensure that any referred users will see your branding, your contact information (including the opportunity to become members), and any other details you include in your "refer a colleague" e-mail messages.

Think of your referral program as another step in lead nurturing - only this time you get the chance to nurture prospects before they become true leads.




That's a good tip for generating quality leads. It's sort of a virtual way to generate referrals via word-of-mouth. We have done email campaigns with our industrial supply marketplace and have generated a few leads with this method.

Hi Barry,

As an organisation we are into Network Monitoring, Analysis and Response solutions. We are pretty new to in India (Though we had an indirect presence from past 10 years). We have recently (About a year ago) started our full fledged operation in India.
Currently as a Regional Sales Manager, I am looking forward to send an e-news letter/updates/industry news in one mail per week to all our partners and end customers. I am looking for a format and few suggestions which would help me device the same. Please help.

Ulhas Ballur

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