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What IT Marketers Can Learn from Guitar Hero

If you have teenagers in your life, chances are good that you've heard of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - this year's hot video game that lets you play along to a catalog packed with legendary classic rock and heavy metal tunes. When you play Guitar Hero III, you can personalize your very own rock star with clothes, various guitars and the songs you want to perform. You can even pick rock legends to jam out against - such as Slash, the former lead guitarist from Guns N' Roses.

So what does Guitar Hero III have to do with IT Marketing and lead generation?

At first glance it would appear that the two have nothing in common. IT Marketers are looking to reach a niche audience of highly informed technology buyers while Guitar Hero III appeals to teenagers who have time to hang out and perfect their guitar solos. In looking a little deeper however, it appears that IT Marketers could actually learn a lot from the game.

For starters, Guitar Hero III allows players to personalize their gaming experience. The makers of Guitar Hero III - Activision, have learned that people respond to technology when they can make it do what they want it to do. They let players change their rock stars' clothes, and reward them with virtual money so they can buy new accessories as they get better at the game.

While IT Marketers may not be able to market technology with flashy outfits and expensive instruments, we can allow our users to personalize their experiences while they are researching technology on our Websites. By offering users their own "pages" on our sites, we allow them to create their own research environment. If users are given choices - in what they see when they log-in to our sites, in how their personalized pages are designed, and as to the content that appears on their pages, they are going to feel more connected with the Website.

Personalization is a powerful tool that is driving all kinds of technology - when we're able to give our users what they want, they'll keep coming back for more. Let your users express themselves in your space, and pretty soon your space becomes their space. Once you can transform your space into your users' space, you'll have an audience that's out there waiting for what you have to offer.


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